1. It’s Starts In The Mouth: Longevity and Oral Health

    You’ve likely heard the adage “the eyes are the window to the soul,” perhaps then, the mouth is the window to overall health and longevity! Oral health isn’t just merely the absence of disease, our mouth serves as a structural component to ev…Read More

  2. Dental Care For All Ages: Part One

    Dental care is important through all stages of life, and it evolves with age, creating new oral health challenges. Dental care - infants through teenagers Tending to your child’s oral health care needs, is as important as their medical check-ups. E…Read More

  3. Preparing for a Root Canal

    Going to the dentist is most likely not on the top of anyone’s list. Dental procedures — whether minor like a cavity filling, or more major such as a tooth extraction or root canal — people do not look forward to the dentist. At some point, how…Read More

  4. Caring For Teeth with Braces

    Often times we find that routine dental hygiene — such as brushing and flossing — is a hassle. How many times does the dentist keep insisting on flossing twice a day, but when we’re pulling ourselves together in the morning, and dragging oursel…Read More

  5. Why Routine Dental Care is Crucial to Your Pregnancy

    A healthy pregnancy relies on proper health care, which includes routine dental care. For one reason or another, a disconnect exists between pregnant women and their resistance in visiting the dentist. The myth or misnomer has been revealed! Routine …Read More

  6. What David Scott Lipps Has to Offer Patients

    Dental Care at Dr. David Scott Lipps DDS Not all dental clinics offer the same services. Some only offer services in Periodontics, while other dental offices only offer services related to orthodontics. Others claim to offer gentle dental care, while…Read More

  7. The Dangers of Grinding Teeth

    Effects of Grinding Your Teeth Have you ever woken up in the morning to a sore jaw? If so, there’s a chance you may have what is called Bruxism. What is Bruxism You Ask? Bruxism in a condition in which you unconsciously grind your teeth when stress…Read More

  8. How to Take Care of Your Teeth in The Best Way Possible

    Dental Care Tips When it comes to oral health, how good are you at taking care of your teeth? This is often a question that people are embarrassed to answer. Most people are lacking in their oral health, and they know that. This is often the reason p…Read More

  9. How Chronic Dry Mouth Can Affect Your Oral Health

    Dry Mouth and Your Oral Health When it comes to keeping your teeth healthy there is so much you could be doing. Bad habits such as eating acidic foods, sugary foods, and not brushing and flossing can all lead to bad oral health, but by decreasing the…Read More

  10. Teaching Your Child About Proper Dental Habits

    Taking your child to the dentist is not only scary for them, but scary for you too. You’re not sure what to expect, and it could mean you’re shelling out a bunch of cash for your child’s unexpected braces. It’s scary for your child for the sa…Read More